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Calculators customers pay up to 80% less than the average retail shipping costs! Please use the Shipping Cost Calculator to calculate the estimated delivery costs of your purchases. There is also an Exchange Rate Calculator between U.S. Dollars and the Saudi riyal to help you clarify the cost.


Shipping Cost Calculator

Simply enter the weight of the item in pounds (lbs) to calculate the cost.

Saudi Arabia




  • For all Shipments with dimensions more than 108 inches, you will be charged on whichever is greater, the actual or dimensional weight, using the formula (Length x Width x Height (inches)/166)
  • Shipping can be paid for in cash upon collection of items at one of our ALJ Logistics retail centers.
  • Items are delivered by ALJ Logistics with an average transit time of 5-7 working days.


Weight Converter

You can use the weight converter provided to convert from pounds to kilograms and vice versa.

Note: 1KG = 2.20LBS



Exchange Rate Calculator


Note: 1 USD = 3.7512 SAR